Now that the election is over.

The federal election was held in Australia this last weekend. Now that it’s over, I wonder why I tied it to political change at all.

I’m an anarchist at heart.  I think our societies need leaders but that we should stop giving them all of our power. We expect too much of them – whether they’re Jacinda Ardern, Scott Morrison, Donald Trump or Greta Thunberg – and thus we expect too little of ourselves.  We ask these chosen people to live our divinity for us.

Political change doesn’t really come from individual people, whether they are inspiring, boring, principled or craven. Change comes from the systems we collectively put into place. At this point in human history, I’m still hopeful that we can behave more like the tribal animals we are – and that we will still instinctively, decisively, turn away from the destruction of our own species as well as millions of others.

I also don’t think my personal opinions are very important. My actions count far more. In this next Australian political cycle I pledge to opine less and act more often. Despair is lazy.  Optimism is not a choice.

(Click here to listen to a new podcast called ‘Outrage and Optimism’. The first episode has an interview with David Attenborough).


2 thoughts on “Now that the election is over.

  1. We decided to do the same, act more and fight less (with the outside world). We began with food a few years, decreasing animal and industrial products. Then we moved on to finding ways to live by turning on the central heating as little as possible. This winter we managed to only have it on twice. In the next few years we’re hoping to get those Tesla Solar roof tiles, if the price comes down a bit 🙂

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    1. I think we will get a Tesla battery. The winters have been so mild in the last few years that we don’t need our central heating but summers are a problem. On a community level I think the most important thing is to keep opposing the opening of new coal mines. And communities in N.Queensland need a lot of support if Australia is to successfully move to renewable energy. I don’t think Adani will get any external financial backing so I’m still hopeful. As an aside – thanks for continuing to read and comment, Pink :-).

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